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5 Advantages of Failing A Lot While You’re Still a Student

1. You’re not expected to stick to one Thing. Use this freedom from societal judgment to scratch itches. Curious about robotics? Take a class or two. Want to try dancing? It might end up becoming your one thing. Want to learn about wealth accumulation? Find the wealthiest neighbourhood in your area, knock on doors of the most expensive houses, and ask its residents what skills they employed that allowed them to live where they do...

Kids Need Role Models. Be Theirs, Or They’ll Look for One Elsewhere

Kids learn language and behavior through imitation. What they are modeled has a greater impact on them than what they are told. It’s the “monkey see, monkey do” phenomenon*. If you tell a kid to go study and work hard, but the kid finds you lying on the couch in a purple bathrobe sipping tea and watching tv every day after school, how will he or she be able to take you seriously? If you’re chain-smoking while forbidding your kid to touch a cigarette, why should they listen? That reeks of double standards and is hypocrisy at its finest.

How I learned to Illustrate in Procreate in 30 Days

“You illustrate your blogs? I wish I could do that,” a business owner voiced in a recent online coworking session. I too wished I could do that. I vowed to start experimenting with illustrating, someday. Until I committed to a 30-day digital drawing challenge that taught me the skills I needed. • An iPad (you don’t need the Pro, the cheapest version will suffice) Every day, I searched for a beginner’s tutorial and followed along. I held one
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12 Pros and Cons of Automated Customer Service

Customers can be hard to get, but be sure: they are a lot easier to lose. On many occasions, this happens because of poor customer service. The available customer service data is quite conclusive on this matter. The 2019 “One Size Doesn’t Fit All” study showed that nearly 43% of customers blacklist providers after a disappointing customer service experience. A staggering 34% answered that one bad experience is enough to never shop with a company again.

5 Signs You Need Workflow Automation

Whether you are building a business or looking for ways to improve it, chances are you've heard about this topic. If you observe carefully, you'll notice that workflow automation is everywhere around us: • It's in the confirmation emails you receive after making an online purchase. • It’s in the email asking you for a review after an online purchase gets delivered • It's behind the chatbot answering basic questions before you get referred to a customer support representative

18 HIPAA Compliant Form Builders to Protect Your Patient Data

If you work in healthcare and handle protected health information (PHI), you know that there is no way around it. PHI needs to be sent, received, and stored safely and securely. First and foremost, it has to be handled according to HIPAA compliance guidelines. In healthcare it is vital to understand what the rules are, how do they apply to you, and how to comply. Whether it’s a covered entity that generates PHI, or a business associate who needs to access it, HIPAA regulations matter.

How Scentia Saves 10/hrs a Week with Client Onboarding Automation

Education doesn’t end after you walk out of the premises wearing a mortarboard. The learning path continues when you enter the workforce, or when you take the plunge to start your own company. Several years into your career, you might get an itch to resume your formal education and challenge yourself academically. A doctorate is still in demand in many fields and professions. It shows prestige, and can act as a career catalyst.

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Why even a couple of hours on volunteering can have a lasting impact - Pt. II | Blog

This year I started doing volunteering activities for Although these are one-time commitments, you can, of course, always help out more often, especially if the event is recurring and you enjoyed or found meaning in it. In total, I participated in four volunteering events throughout this year. In a previous blog post I wrote about my experiences regarding the first two. Below you will get a glimpse of the other two.

6 Ways to Easily Track Time in Google Sheets

As a company that makes tools to track and budget money in spreadsheets, it makes sense that we also use spreadsheets to track and budget our time. “Time is money” as the saying goes. And in any business, it’s as important to track time as money. Here at Tiller, we make tools to track money in spreadsheets. So it’s not surprising we also track time in spreadsheets. Few of us at Tiller need to track our time for invoicing or HR. Instead, we track time to better forecast future projects. And as